About Us

Something about Team-c

Team-C is a specialized professional services company since 2012. Dedicated to provide open & practical ideas for corporations to meet business objectives of optimizating and streamline business process to provide a better visibility and control in the critical business processes. Web experience become one of the key success factors to create a better customer relationship & collaboration and this is also one of our foucs to working with our customers.

Cloud technology become more critical to make our IT investment more effective. application deploying on Cloud and consuming external Cloud services are already one of the IT direction. We help our customer to leverage these technologies to provide the more effective, ease of management, and high performance enviroment for supporting the applications. Our Team focus on providing high quality with enterprise environment expereince for our clients in Hong Kong and Macau.

Jobs openings

  1. Java Developer

    we are looking for experience Java developer

  2. Database Administrator

    we are looking for experience Database Administrator

  3. .NET Developer

    we are looking for experience .NET developer

Our skills

Total Integrated User Experience Technology

Our skill set cover various vendor solutions including Adobe, Oracle, IBM, Mulesoft, Microsoft, Redhat, CA

  • Mobile App Technology
  • Web Content Management
  • eForm Platform
  • Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management
  • API Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Reporting
  • Data Integration and Privacy & Security
  • Application Performance Monitoring