OPEN API Platform - Fintech Solution

Unlock the value from your existing assets by connecting internally or externally to business partners.

  • Fintech project initiated by Hong Kong Monetray Autohority
  • Open API Platform for connecting the outside world
  • Easier to build & maintain apps by Microservice Architecture
  • With High Performance, Scalability, maintainability and Visibility

Digital Transformation - Business Process Management

Automate business process with better visibility, control, goverance & integration with human and systems together.

  • Higher flexibility of making changes to processes with minimal costs.
  • Facilitate the automation of a lot of repetitive elements within regular workflows.
  • Ensures that organizations can implement regulatory requirements quickly.


Integrate Development and Operation together to Automate the Service Provisioning.

  • Container Platform for agile deployment
  • CI / CD End-to-end Automation
  • Better Monitoring and Governance

Universal Chat Platform

Deliver better customer experience by chat in different channels

  • Working together with Agents and Chatbots.
  • Universal platform for enterprise with better operation goverance .
  • Support multiple channels in one platform.

Digital Workplace - Intranet

Digital enable employee collaboration across the enterprise.

  • Provide better communication across the enterprise.
  • Connect ever employee in a single platform.
  • Discover the full value of your talent and technology.

Digital Asset Management

To deliver the digital assets across different channels in a better way.

  • Easier to manage and share internal & external parties.
  • Better collaboration in the digital asset provisioning.
  • Consistent and Optimized digital assets to shared across from one platform.

Robotic Process Automation

Optimize and prioritize your human and Digital Workforce.

  • Better quality and accurate work performed by robots.
  • Repeat the tasks without complex backend integration.
  • Human focus on high-value tasks and collaborate with robots as helpers.